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Plant Health Care

Members of our Plant Health Care team not only get to hug and doctor trees, but also discover all sorts of amazing things about the science of tree biology and the many facets of tree health. They learn to identify and effectively treat pests and diseases, both biotic and abiotic.

A basic working knowledge of tree species in our area is needed, as well as the proper licensing through the Office of the Indiana State Chemist, which we can help direct you towards. We then train our team members in all aspects of tree health, problems, and treatment, as well as the safe and proper use of equipment used. When it comes to treatments, the safety of our team members is very important to us, as well as a balance between tree health and environmental health. When necessary for a tree's health and safe for the environment and employee, we utilize such treatments as fertilization, growth regulators, pesticides/fungicides, and more. We use different application methods depending on the situation and the tree, including cover sprays, trunk sprays, basal drench, in-ground applications, and trunk injections, all with top of the line equipment.

If you love trees and enjoy problem-solving and learning new things, you might just be a tree doctor at heart! 

Contact us for more information on open positions and to fill out an application!

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